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Page of card-sized drawings. 1: A figure in a chicken mask melts into form from the sea. 2: A person with pizzas for arms rushes off of a square platform towards a hideous flesh-machine-hybrid-creature with a church bell in its mouth. 3: A person in mask and no arms has their heart examined by four ghosts and their little baby ghost. 4: A hillside, a figure in a nineteenth-century shooting suit is walking their dog-human. In the sky above, several collaged upside-down bearded men's faces fly by. 5: A sand dune. 6: A little plastic pot of pudding. In the background various objects and creatures, such as a strawberry and a skull, are blowing about in the wind. 7: A person in a very tall hat is in bed, looking at a stone tablet. A decomposing bear is on top of the bedspread, their third eye is connected to a light coming from the sky. The end of a trumpet extends from the right. 8: The rear-end of whoever is blowing the trumpet. A masked figure peeks their head in from the opposite side of the image. 9: A cube and a cuboid. Various figures, one riding a bear, converse with a robot-thing below. 10: A collage of a person with a small face superimposed upon a bagel.