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A page of card-sized drawings. 1: A naked person, an Owl Person and a beetle ride a sausage-creature over tree-tops. 2: A masked figure feeds an orange blob to an enormous blue creature. 3: A hooded figure, with a face of only eyeballs, drinks absinthe. 4: A headless figure draws the attention of a cloaked child and a suited skeleton playing a blue piano. 5: Three people wait around, one has a strawberry on their head. A person in a bear costume is arriving. 6: A monumental statue-head, cut in half. Around it peeks a hiker. 7: A horned person embraces a ghost. The orange person they are sharing a bed with looks very uncomfortable. 8: A sausage-creature is resting after eating some cake. 9: The same image again. 10: A pizza-person dashes wildly through clouds.