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Pages of comic panels, crudely drawn and very dialogue-heavy. Read below for the transcript.


He led them down a long and terrible corridor into the heart of the complex where war on the White Horse Gods was raging.

The army chose a parrot (eighth of the school). / “The war rages strongly here.” / Several of their party were already fallen. / “Dammit the White Horse Gods are powerful foes” / “Too many are already dead” “It's a tragedy”

So it was the morning of the 5th nigt of the 7th day of the war against the White Horse Gods, and still nothing of use had been achieved. A picture of the technology of the religions of the world had appeared, but disappeared promptly afterwards because of the price of the game.

“Why the devil are you not answering my phone messages!” / “They're all gibberish, I can't understand them at all!” / “Rubbish.” / Death thus covered the land, and the assembled spies and diplomats could not do anything about it. / “Something must be done!” “But what?” / No solution was arrived at. All anyone could do was hope for a miraculous recovery of the Hero of the Age.

But he was still trapped in the Digital Realm by evil Lord Budgetcarrental!

The hackers were trying their best to free him. “It's not working.” / “The mainframe is entirely clogged with beef!” “There's no hope” / The White Horse Gods continued their advance on the Capital City / “What do we do now?” / Find out next week