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Page of comic panels. 1: A sphinx with a sword. 2: A cloud with a mask flies over a cityscape. Beneath is a skeleton on a bicycle. 3: The cloud says, 'I shall be late.' 4: Someone remarks of a door-to-door salesman with no lower body, 'Gosh! It's the next big thing!' 5: The salesman says, 'Yes, friends! The Dark Pyramid!' 6: A skeleton proposes to a king with a prosthetic third arm, the king says, 'Of course I shall marry you, my love' 7: 'My kingdom decays. But out bond is strong.' 8: A stinking burger with a pained face. Texts reads, 'SPECIAL OFFER'. Big bubble text: 'All things fear time, but time fears the pyramids'. 9: A castle upon a wooded hill, 'the last stronghold of orthodoxy as the plague spread.' 10: A suited person walks in the void. 11: They say, 'nothing left,' 12: 'except Barabbas,' they reach for a clown finger puppet, 13: 'old friend.' Close-up of the puppet's eyes, inside are many more clown finger puppets. 14: A cat-person is impaled at their window. 15: They turn to the wall. 16: The image is obscured by an enormous mask-like face. 17: The cat-person's eyes are eaten by leaches maybe? 18: Clouds clear to reveal a city. 19: A beetle in a straw hat and holding a scrubbing brush says, 'I saw all this,' 20: 'and was satisfied.' A hand reaches for the scrubbing brush. 'Clean clean,' says the beetle. 21: The cat-person is sewing a doll of themselves. 22: 'So beautiful,' they say. 23: The doll approaches a black pyramid along a seashore. 24: The doll's head explodes. 25: A blob floats out of the head. 26: A robot connected to a skull says, 'eep.' 27: The crumpled body of the doll continues its way towards the pyramid. 28: Atop the pyramid is a hideous creature with three eyes, 'all becomes clear.' 29: Close-up of the creature, it is emitting an 'eeeeeeeee' sound. 30: 'Everyone loves the Dark Pyramid.' 31: The cat-person is wearing the doll's head as a hat. They are drinking a milkshake. 32: View of pylons above the clouds, a cloud-fragment says, 'tasty.'


“I shall be late” / “Gosh! It's the next big thing!” / “Yes, friends! The Dark Pyramid!” / “Of course I shall marry you, my love” / “My kingdom decays. But our bond is strong” / Special offer / All things fear time, but time fears the pyramids / The last stronghold of orthodoxy as the plague spread / “Nothing left” / “except Barabbas” / “old friend” / I saw all of this “Clean” / and was satisfied “Clean clean” / “So beautiful” / “Eep” / All becomes clear / Everyone loves the Dark Pyramid / “Tasty”