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A page of comic panels. 1: A blobby fellow holds a small elephant-like creature. The fellow says, 'this is a dissertation.' 2: The elephant-creature responds, 'premium advice.' 3: The fellow says, 'incredible.' 4: The blobby fellow walks toward a town. 'One day I went to town.' 5: 'Something is coming into my mind,' they say. 6: 'Something that I like.' 7: 'In town it was unexpected.' 8: 'I see something interesting.' 9: The Hill. 10: The fellow tries to climb the hill. 11: 'My experience is valid,' they say. 12: Zoom-out to show that the fellow is making no progress climbing at all. 13-15: The fellow melts into the hillside.


“This is a dissertation” / “Premium advice” / “Incredible” / “One day I went to town” / “Something is coming into my mind” / Something that I like / In town it was unexpected / “I see something interesting” / The Hill / “My experience is valid!”