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A short comic, the title is written: 'The Adventures of Excellence Robert.' 1: A person with a moustache in a windmill hat says, 'like Hell it is.' 2: 'Just like a cheese.' 3: Text reading: 'the shrews were out of control that Wednesday.' 4: Many shrews are rushing forward, they go, 'squeee, squeeee.' 5: A person with juicy lips says, smiling, 'something must be done.' 6: A small person with a pencil moustache and wearing dark glasses says, 'I propose a solution,' 7: 'but please first sample my brandy.' 8: The juicy-lips-person looks annoyed. 9: A glass on a table, a hand reaches for it. 10: The hand grasps the glass. 11: The juicy-lips-person lifts the glass to their lips, they still look annoyed. 12: The juicy-lips-person looks calm.


TRANSCRIPT: “Like Hell it is” / “Just like a cheese” / The shrews were out of control on that Wednesday / “Squeee” “Squeeee” / “Something must be done” / “I propose a solution” / “but please first sample my brandy”