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Pages of comic panels. Page 1: 1: A cityscape, in the foreground is a green field and a pink blob. 2: A person drinking a milkshake. 3: The pink blob opens up to reveal a classrom, 'welcome' is written on the blackboard. Text: 'That sticky void...' 3: A close-up of the teacher, they look quite insane. Text: '...into that sticky void...' 4: A close-up of a fish in a frying pan. 5: The milkshake person is frying the fish. 6: A goat-creature with a mask trots along. Someone out-of-frame remarks, 'my my, what a prize!' Page 2: 1: A skeleton in a black cloak and an aroured knight, behind them rises a medieval city with enormous towers. The knight says, 'for the Ancient Kingdom.' 2: The skeleton brings the goat-creature to a princess. 3: She says, 'beauty.' 4-6: The skeleton conjures a red-pink blob. 7: The milkshake person is strolling about some ruins. The medieval city is in the distance. They say, 'while wandering the castle grounds, I discovered the rot has spread further.' 8: They continue, 'a dangerous place to roam.' Page 3: 1: A battle is raging between many giant squid and an army of dog-headed people armed with apple tree branches. In the foreground, and ape-person with a golden crown presents a roundel containing a grasshopper drinking a milkshake. 2: Text: 'Pon the decaying ground.' A city beside the sea. 3: A naked woman holding a sword emerges from the sea. 4: A goose-creature on the woman's shoulder pecks at the sword. 5: The woman, now in armour, cuts a fried egg in half. It goes 'SMUSH!' Page 4: 1: Atop a ruined clock tower squats a strange red fellow with four hands. 2: Close-up of the red fellow's hands. They are rolling dice. 'A roll! A roll!' they say, 'good luck.' 3: The dice are rolled. A kettle with legs drizzles them with water. 4: 'It'll be a 6 for sure,' says the kettle. 5: The dice turn up double ones. 'Oh no!' says the kettle.

VRBIS MEAE. The colour-ised and re-text-ised version can be found here.


Page 1: That sticky void / into that sticky void / “My my, what a prize”

Page 2: “For the Ancient Kingdom” / “Beauty” / While wandering the castle grounds, I discovered... “The rot has spread further” / “A dangerous place to roam”

Page 3: 'Pon the decaying ground / SMUSH!

Page 4: “A roll a roll” “Good luck” // “It'll be a double 6 for sure.” // “Oh no”