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-- Wed, 24 May 2023 13:29 --

Quick drawing of a folk-boaty-style small sailing boat. A horned figure is sailing the boat towards a towering rocky island, atop which is a castle-like structure. The cliffs of the island look like a bearded face. Maybe slightly ominous in aspect.

-- Mon, 08 May 2023 22:07 --

Line drawing depicting a semi-biological-clockwork-robot-skeleton-goblin figure seating on a cushion. They are inspecting an architectural design for a cathedral-like building with the aid of a candle, supported by one of their many spider-like limbs. In the background is a window through which is visible a hellish medieval-industrial city of spires and smokestacks. Smoke and fumes obscure the sky.

Heavily overworked biro drawing of a skeleton in a crown, praying, sitting on a stool. In the background is a hellscape of smoking chimney-stacks and gothic spires.

Architect-ruler of Gungolinpuflugup, goblin-city of beatific filth.

-- Thu, 04 May 2023 18:18 --

Rough drawing of a person in an oversized turtle-neck jumper, sweatpants and high-heeled stomper-y boots. Tied on their back is a witch hat. They are smoking a cigarette and look kinda sad. There is a graphic design on the jumper of two crows kissing, their beaks meet at the apex of a church spire.

-- Thu, 04 May 2023 16:00 --

Low resolution phone photograph of the moon, illuminating dramatic clouds.

-- Wed, 03 May 2023 16:26 --

Line drawing of a medieval-y house. A sign outside reads 'twenty-four-seven pizza'. In the foreground are a person with a bird-head and a wizard-staff and a faun with an accordion on their back.

-- Tue, 02 May 2023 23:15 --

Quick line drawing of a witchy house. Very much Victorian, Arts and Crafts style-y.

-- Mon, 01 May 2023 22:42 --

Sketchy rough drawing. A grinning mer-person with sharp teeth and claws holds the severed head of a sailor in a sou'wester. In the background is a sixteenth-century style galleon. Yes, I know that doesn't match the time period of the sou'wester sailor head, but oh well... happy mermay anymerway......

Wishing you a briny time this MerMay.
May the brine find you fine.
🌊 🦈 🧜

-- Mon, 01 May 2023 20:20 --

Sixteenth century woodblock print of an owl dressed as a pilgrim.

Sixteenth century woodblock print of an owl dressed as a soldier.

Monogrammist MH, Uil uitgedost als pelgrim, c. 1500-1549 (source: Rjiksmuseum).

Monogrammist MH, Uil uitgedost als een soldaat, c. 1500-1549 (source: Rjiksmuseum).

-- Fri, 28 Apr 2023 19:38 --


¡Album re-release! VVINTERMVTE (2016, KPO10) is now HOTELGNOMES. Have done some eq-ing and crunchy distortioning to fix-ish/make worse? some awful, sub-bass-infested original mixing and bring out the juicey anxiety juice that this album is full of. Listen on Bandcamp or notttt. Probably wisest not to tbhhhhh.

Track list:
02 gnomezzz
03 so l oo s e ft. Dan Nerry (w/ falconet)
04 handoveryourflesh
05 MEADOWMOUNT (w/ Imaginary Weekend Friend)
06 neighbour H U D
07 free of dirt / free of filth (w/ falconet)
08 T I M A

-- Mon, 27 Mar 2023 22:21 --

Continued from In the Banqvet Vvytch Citie part 1, see this post.

A page of comic panels. 1: Detective Halligan has just attempted to apprehend Lord Sinclair, a fairy-creature. Sinclair turns around suddenly, startling Halligan, and says, 'with all due respect, Detective, I took you for a wiser one than that!' 2: 'If anyone is unaware of the situation they are in, you are.' 3: Sinclair kisses Halligan, aww... 4: Sinclair says, 'I have asked you to be my guest at dinner, please don't disappoint me by refusing.' Halligan is very flustered.

A page of comic panels. 1: View of the moon in a very starry night sky. 2: The view pans down toward a mountainous landscape. In the distance, city lights are reflected in a lake. In the foreground an insect-person-drawn carriage is crossing a lamp-lit bridge. 3: The view zooms into toward the carriage. 4: Zoom into the window of the carriage, Halligan looks out, holding a glass of wine.

A page of comic panels. 1: Sinclair's mansion. A ungainly house in Elizabethan style, with a Neo-Classical portico attached tastelessly to the front. The insect-person-drawn carriage has stopped in the driveway. 2: The interior of the mansion, a strange corridor ending in a mouth-shaped archway leading to stairs. A picture of a fried egg is on the wall. Halligan says, 'brilliant, absolutely brilliant.' 3: A insect-person scuttles through a room. Artemisia Gentileschi's self portrait is hanging on the wall above a waiter's trolley. Red fire is visible through a doorway. 4: Halligan is flying-falling, spilling their wine. Illuminated apartment blocks are visible through a window. Halligan continues, 'locked up in Lord Sinclair's house.'

A page of comic panels. 1: Halligan descends a staircase, they wearing a duvet and socks, a red ribbon is around their neck. They are holding a wine glass and smoking a cigarette. Sinclair waits at the base of the stairs, holding a bloodstained sickle. They are also wearing a red ribbon. Sinclair says, 'well, Halligan.' 2: 'I don't think I have introduced you to the members of my club yet.' 3-6: Sinclair points out four standing stones at a round table, each behind a candle, 'this is Commander Myers of the City Militia. Next to them is Heirophant Stevenson. The Earl of S--, one of the Queen's advisors. And sitting beside you is Mx. Smuthers, of the Worldwide Foods Corporation.' 7: Sinclair shows Halligan toward a brightly lit hall, containing many tropical plants and a fountain. The fountain consists of nymph statues surrounding a central pyramidal structure. What is either blood or wine is flowing from the statues' mouths. 'I'm sure you're curious to learn what our club is all about,' says Sinclair. 8: 'But I would suggest you have a bite to eat first. You look pale.'

Larger version here.

-- Sun, 19 Mar 2023 16:38 --

Diagram showing the relation of film-world sub-deities to the hypostatic substances, negative space and each other.

Updated the sub-deities diagram on the Lore page.

-- Tue, 21 Feb 2023 19:16 --

Drawing of a dof-wolf-goblin-person wearing spectacles and drawing figures with a quill in a book on a stand. They are wearing no clothes save for earrings, a necklace and a sword strapped to their back. Behind their head is a halo-like visual device, decorated with a pattern of blades and pizzas.

-- Mon, 13 Feb 2023 20:46 --

Update to the Lore Page. Now version 1.3...

Finally, a proper currency!

The impossibility of scarcity has been long established in my film-world lore, but somehow for some reason things are still for sale in places like Mr. Wonderful's restaurants, Gibbon Marts and shopping malls and such. The... loose term... logic behind this has now been dealt with through having cow-boigirl-knight-sisyphuses carrying Beans of Gold up a mountain of hats and squares.

The new glossary entry is available here.

Three roundels, inside each one is a horned and crowned figure in Landsknecht clothing with a cowbell around their neck and holding a sword. Under the roundels are the names 'Sabri', 'Milde' and 'Buffo'.

-- Fri, 10 Feb 2023 00:54 --

Drawing. Figure with goat horns, they are sticking their tongue out, looks like they are making an eck kinda sound.


-- Wed, 08 Feb 2023 21:19 --

Witch maybe in a forest. They are wearing a t-shirt on which is a graphic of Raphael Ambrosius Cousteau and Kim Kitsuragi from Disco Elysium. Kim is lighting Raphael's cigarette, the smoke makes a heart shape, underneath is written, 'Revachol' with the 'v' replaced by a heart. The maybe-witch is carrying a basket, containing witch-hazel and elder bush clippings, a copy of the Scarlet Imprint version of the Grimorium Verum and a lit cigarette. Behind them is a crow drinking a milkshake.

Close up of a t-shirt on which is a graphic of Raphael Ambrosius Cousteau and Kim Kitsuragi from Disco Elysium. Kim is lighting Raphael's cigarette, the smoke makes a heart shape, underneath is written, 'Revachol' with the 'v' replaced by a heart.

Cottagecore witchy Disco Elysium Joan of Arc haircut sandals and socks enby vibe. If that is a vibe...

-- Mon, 06 Feb 2023 23:01 --

Low quality photo of the moon. The colours are weird purples and ultramarine. In the foreground are a couple of creepy trees. The moon is super over-exposed and just kinda looks like a streetlight tbh.

-- Mon, 06 Feb 2023 21:31 --

A page of comic panels. 1: A view of a fantasy city, in the foreground a figure blowing a horn, an insect-person and a banner with the text, 'In the Banquet Witch City'. 2: Detective Halligan, nude, is summoning a wine glass. A masked figure behind them whispers, 'ooh and here's my good friend Halligan.' 3: Halligan is in their apartment, lounging on a sofa and drinking wine. Outside the window is a cityscape at night. 4: A poster reading, 'all new! All you can eat buffet, come and visit us' in melty bubble-script. 5: Halligan floats past a semi-flayed skeleton-figure on their way up a hill. Halligan asks, 'excuse me, Mx Skeleton, may I ask direction?' 6: The skeleton points up the hill towards a stone circle at the summit. Halligan says, 'thank you, that's very kind.'

A page of comic panels. A single large panel showing Detective Halligan approaching the stone circle at the summit of the hill. Underneath are three different cupcakes, banana, cherry and mint.

A page of comic panels. 1-4: Detective Halligan is drinking wine and eating three cupcakes. 5: There are fairies in the stone circle, music comes from them. 6-8: The fairies are revealed to be eating the body of Detective Halligan. One of them says, 'Detective Halligan! It is a great pleasure to meet you at long last!'

A page of comic panels. 1: Halligan raises their wine glass aloft, 'the pleasure's mine.' 2: 'Lord Sinclair,' they say to the fairy, 'now that we've met there's a few questions I'd really like to ask you.' 3: The fairy, Lord Sinclair, replies, 'certainly, certainly... After dinner I will answer any questions you deign to ask me.' 4: They produce a pink crystal, maybe from within Halligan's body, 'until then, please be my guest.' 5: Pure magenta 6-7: Scenes of a cityscape under a blobby pink sun. In the foreground are palm trees along a road and red blobs. There is a fast-food restaurant along the road. 8: Halligan enters the restaurant and approaches Lord Sinclair, who is ordering a burger from a self-service screen, 'you do not seem to be quite aware of the situation you are in, Lord Sinclair.' 9: 'I'm a detective from the Banquet Witch City. I don't want to have dinner with you.'

Larger version here.

-- Mon, 30 Jan 2023 16:23 --

Goblin Week 2023 retrospective!

Monday: Still from LITTLE NODULES: PART 2

Still from the animated film I am working on. A goblin baker is being interviewed on TV after opening a new bakery.

Tuesday: A quick goblin

Rough sketch of a hooded goblin in flowery shorts holding a loaf of bread and a goblet.

Wednesday: Goblin-made pizza

Digitally coloured drawing of a goblin wearing a dishevelled apron and Steve Madden Possession Chunky-Soled Mesh and Faux-Leather trainers. They are holding a pizza paddle and a pizza cutter. Behind them is a sign reading: goblin-baked pizza!

Thursday: Two travellers meet, instant squish

Drawing of two goblins meeting on a road leading towards a distant fantasy medieval city. One is a goblin-at-arms, the other a wizard-kinda-thing with a flaming staff. They are expressing love toward each other.

Friday: Warrior-princess goblin?

Drawing of a goblin in half-armour half-princess gown smoking a pipe. They are leaning on a windowsill and looking out over a moonlit landscape.

Saturday: Not technically a goblin? A Cornish knocker

Sketch of a hairy little chonkster, a Cornish knocker, sitting in a cave eating a pasty. They have a candle on their conical hat and hammer about their waist.

Sunday: Messy ice cream goblins, more squish

Drawing, two goblins in an ice cream parlour, presumably. Both are eating ice cream very messily, surrounded by wobbly hearts.

-- Mon, 23 Jan 2023 18:48 --

Update to the Lore Page. Now version 1.1...

Worlds-Within-Worlds have access options which are decided by their creators or current owners (if they changed ownership, like the Ziggurat City), so some are public-domain and are like shops, towns, etc. and some are propreitary and private. They were kinda like this already, but now it's IN THE LORE.

Sub-deities and similar body-less figment-entities now should all universally have inhuman pronouns 'it', hopefully to make it clearer that these aren't characters per se, more like... abstractions?

Some alterations to clarify that the Pear People were (probably) created specifically by learning about hotels from Henry, not by some vaguely magicky stuff Henry was doing or anything.

-- Mon, 23 Jan 2023 16:02 --

Rough sketch of two goat-people-maybe-goat-people. Probably demons actually, the symbolism works better then. But good demons though. Uncoloured save for the left one's dungaree-dress which has a design featuring a snake licking an apple.

-- Thu, 12 Jan 2023 00:56 --

A person reclining, drinking a can of beer. They are wearing one high-heeled shoe and a belted corduroy dress decorated with panels, depicting scenes of skeletons. In the upper panels the skeletons are dancing with the living, in the lower panels the skeletons are feeding the living pizza slices.

Detail of the image above, showing the head.

-- Sun, 25 Dec 2022 15:25 --

Jeremy Corbyn on, I guess, This Morning on ITV, UK television. There is a Christmas Tree, presents, and a fake fireplace. Sparkly stars are overlaid on the image.

-- Mon, 19 Dec 2022 19:47 --

Drawing of a cloaked, winged, furry figure playing an organ sort of thing. The organ is maybe powered by a transparent pear-shaped object. The figure has antlers hung with Christmas decorations.

-- Sat, 17 Dec 2022 16:30 --

Scene from Sleeping Beauty, the Good Fairy leaving the christening of the Princess, walking to her dragon-pulled carriage, by Richard Doyle.

Richard Doyle, Scene from 'The Sleeping Beauty', 1863 (source: Artvee).

-- Sat, 12 Nov 2022 21:53 --

Drawing of a cat over a ketchup-covered potato smiley.

Black Cat Saturday.

-- Wed, 09 Nov 2022 16:48 --

Photo of the moon over the ocean. To the left is the red glow from a fire

Photo through an old window of trees. The glass distorts the view.

Photo of a small rocky island. The sun is causing strong glare from behind clouds.

-- Thu, 27 Oct 2022 23:28 --

Drawing of a person in chainmail and elaborately decorated surcoat-y thing, holding a insect-powered lantern and a sword. On their back is a cage containing a small, blobby gremlin-creature.

-- Wed, 26 Oct 2022 18:14 --

Drawing composed around a central roundel. Inside the roundel are three figures dressed as jesters and a coat-of-arms featuring a bag of fries. Either side of the roundel are two figures, one has a dog's head the other is a skeleton-sort-of-creature wearing ramshackle mediaeval armour. The skeleton holds an ice cream that is being licked by the dog, using their very long tongue. Above the figures and roundel is a small angel-creature frying an egg.

-- Tue, 25 Oct 2022 01:00 --

Album cover for Surprise Party by Eddie Barclay

Eddie Barclay and his International Music, Surprise Party!, 1957 (source: Internet Archive).

-- Mon, 24 Oct 2022 20:48 --

Following from my previous post about building a gallery-ish place in Second Life, which was almost exactly a year ago...

Strip from Clemence to Feschenko regions in Second Life. Sandy, palm-lined road.

I moved to a different continent in December! From Heterocera to Gaeta 5; a more modern landmass, from 2008 no less. As is err... clear-ish in the picture above, my new location is a kinda beach-y balm-y sand-y sorta place. The ocean starts (out of frame) not far to the right. Further up the road is the HISTORIC Blue Moon Theatre (SL's number one owl-run venue), further down the road is a little airport.

The facade of the Clean Spoon Gallery.

Along with changing location, I have changed buildings. I am now using the 'Flower Shop' from a gacha by PLAAKA, which, while much narrower than my previous building, has some fun characterful features, such as the arched doorways, pink and green interior and an upstairs courtyard-space--partially visible in the picture below--which I have (over)filled with tropical plants Brand New Cherry Flavor style.

Birds-eye view of the gallery

Interior of the gallery, a number of small paintings on pink walls.

I feel like the narrower interior suits the smallness of the paintings, and it is nice not have a white cube space. The colourful walls and floors keep things appropriately non-serious. I am hoping to put a gift shop out in the back room, but I need to come up with some... well... gifts to sell.

Upstairs room

Upstairs room

The upstairs has no exterior windows, so is a sorta world of its own. Currently it is raining up there, thankfully no damp problems so far. The restricted space makes for a cozy clutter-y feel, having the courtyard as a semi-secret outdoor area keeps things from being overly claustrophobic. The whole thing is some weird combination of trailer and hobbit hole.

The gallery is currently OPEN o.O! It can be visited at Clemence, 209/162/25.

-- Mon, 17 Oct 2022 14:17 --

Illustration by Carlos Schwabe for poem Benediction from Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal.

Illustration by Carlos Schwabe for poem Don Juan from Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal.

Illustration by Carlos Schwabe for poem Femmes damnees from Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal.

Illustration by Carlos Schwabe for poem Remords from Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal.

Illustration by Carlos Schwabe for poem Spleen et Ideal from Charles Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du mal.

Carlos Schwabe, illustrations for Les Fleurs du mal, 1900 (source: Wikimedia Commons).

-- Tue, 11 Oct 2022 20:40 --

Work in progress animation screenshot. Drawing of a mask, mounted on an octagonal stand.

-- Sat, 01 Oct 2022 16:02 --

Illustration of a wooden holiday home on the shore of a lake, by Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

Illustration of a wooden holiday home set amongst palm trees, by Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

Illustration of an octagonal cabin on a beach, by Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

Illustration of two cabins in the forest, by Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

Great Ideas for Second Homes: A Portfolio of 20 Distinguished New Designs in Plywood, illustrated by Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Tacoma: American Plywood Association, 1969 (source: Flickr).

-- Sat, 01 Oct 2022 04:30 --

Drawing of a horned figure in the dress of a Landsknecht. In their right hand they hold a zweihander sword, with their left hand they embrace a beetle person in a tall conical hat.

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