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-- Sun, 15 May 2022 23:34 --


¡New album release! THE PRESTIGIOUS NET (Pilgrimage to the Food Village). Listen on Bandcamp, if you dare...

Track list:
01 food court hello :P
02 towardsgrocerystore
03 Azure Skies
06 New Package
07 hoteldelaluna ~ check in
08 hoteldelaluna ~ check out
09 Canals of Mars
10 L O W E R N I B E N

-- Sat, 14 May 2022 18:25 --

A green goblin-wizard-witch stands in the middle of a room with palm tree wallpaper

-- Thu, 24 Feb 2022 21:08 --

Second Life screenshot, a dark moon rises in a blue sky.

Montague Island, Second Life.

-- Sun, 20 Feb 2022 14:55 --

Morpheus and Iris, oil painting from 1811. Morpheus reclines at the bottom of the image, while Iris approaches on a cloud.

Pierre-Narcisse Guérin, Morpheus and Iris, 1811 (source: Wikimedia Commons).

-- Sun, 20 Feb 2022 14:45 --

A poster reading: 'Saint Piran's Honey Festival'. 'Join us in celebrating the wonder of bees!' 'What do Beekeepers do?' 'Asian Hornet Threat'. 'Homemade Cakes'. 'Local Honey for Sale'. 'Display of all things bee related'. 'Honey Fraud'. 'Raffle'. There is a digital painting of a honeybee with a Saint Piran's flag on its butt.

I did the bee!

-- Sat, 12 Feb 2022 15:07 --

Cutaway illustration of a cruise ship passenger cabin.

Cutaway illustration of a cruise ship passenger cabin.

Brochure, Mediterranean Passenger Service Sailings and Rates, No. 8 April 1952, pp. 7-8 (source: Wikimedia Commons).

SS Independence “Penthouse Suite”, Gala Maiden Voyage of the Sun Liner Independence, Mediterranean Cruise Feb. 10, 1951 (source: Wikimedia Commons).

-- Fri, 11 Feb 2022 16:55 --

A signpost with multiple entries, the header reads: welcome to Torte, enjoy your stay, relaxation and leisure. The other signs include one pointing to Henry's Hotel, one to shopping, one to the Milk-ee pirate-theme waterfront bar.

A person in a dinosaur costume sits at a diner-style table, behind them on the wall are piratical paintings.

Close-up of a framed picture. A woman pirate, sitting, left arm akimbo, a gun in her right hand.

Close-up of a framed painting. A Spanish galleon, flying flags and firing cannon.

Torte tourism signage plus pirate bar bits and pieces.

Judge Magazine Cover, 23 June 1917 (source: Wikimedia Commons).

Cornelis Verbeeck, A Naval Encounter between Dutch and Spanish Warships (detail), C16th, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (source: Wikimedia Commons).

-- Thu, 10 Feb 2022 17:48 --

Since forever, this site has been horribly horribly broken on mobile. I think I have fixed it, finally. Perhaps! Everything should squish pleasingly on a small screen or narrow browser. Perhaps! All boxes are percentage widths now, ugh, what a pain.

Drawing of two people, one in a summer dress, the  other in glasses and a stripey t-shirt. In the bottom-right corner, there are two red flip phones; one open, the other closed.

I have only tested on Firefox on a Xperia Z3 Compact (720x1280px) and a Galaxy Folder 2 (480x800px), so it could still be horribly horribly broken on everything else, just in a new and exciting way...

-- Tue, 08 Feb 2022 14:17 --

In the distance is a medieval fantasy city crowned by three enormously tall towers. One of the towers in ruins and leaning dangerously. In the sky above the city is a dragon-thing, breathing out clouds into the sky. In the centre of the image is a roundel within which is an elderly man holding two eggs.

A page of comic panels. 1: A cityscape, in the foreground is a green field and a pink blob. 2: A person drinking a milkshake. 3: The pink blob opens up to reveal a classrom, 'welcome' is written on the blackboard. Text: 'That sticky void...' 3: A close-up of the teacher, they look quite insane. Text: '...into that sticky void...' 4: A close-up of a fish in a frying pan. 5: The milkshake person is frying the fish. 6: A goat-creature with a mask trots along. Someone out-of-frame remarks, 'my my, what a prize!'

A page of comic panels. 1: A skeleton in a black cloak and an aroured knight, behind them rises a medieval city with enormous towers. The knight says, 'for the Ancient Kingdom.' 2: The skeleton brings the goat-creature to a princess. 3: She says, 'beauty.' 4-6: The skeleton conjures a red-pink blob. 7: The milkshake person is strolling about some ruins. The medieval city is in the distance. They say, 'while wandering the castle grounds, I discovered the rot has spread further.' 8: They continue, 'a dangerous place to roam.'

A page of comic panels. 1: A battle is raging between many giant squid and an army of dog-headed people armed with apple tree branches. In the foreground, and ape-person with a golden crown presents a roundel containing a grasshopper drinking a milkshake. 2: Text: 'Pon the decaying ground.' A city beside the sea. 3: A naked woman holding a sword emerges from the sea. 4: A goose-creature on the woman's shoulder pecks at the sword. 5: The woman, now in armour, cuts a fried egg in half. It goes 'SMUSH!'

A page of comic panels. 1: Atop a ruined clock tower squats a strange red fellow with four hands. 2: Close-up of the red fellow's hands. They are rolling dice. 'A roll! A roll!' they say, 'good luck.' 3: The dice are rolled. A kettle with legs drizzles them with water. 4: 'It'll be a 6 for sure,' says the kettle. 5: The dice turn up double ones. 'Oh no!' says the kettle.

I coloured my... err... comic-thing, VRBIS MEAE (My City). The original black-and-white is here.

-- Sat, 25 Dec 2021 22:33 --

Susan finds Death dressed as the Hogfather and filling stockings on Hogswatch Eve.

Death makes an appearance as the Hogfather at a department store grotto.

The Canting Crew; beggars Arnold Sideways, Coffin Henry, the Duck Man and Foul Ol' Ron; are surprised by dinner falling from the sky.

Scenes from Terry Pratchett's Hogfather.

-- Mon, 20 Dec 2021 21:02 --

Three figures around a table, enjoying some beers. One is in 17th century clothing, except for sunglasses; one is the Grim Reaper in a wide-brimmed hat; one is smoking a pipe.

IN PRAISE OF ALE, c. pre-1629?
from The Academy of Compliments (1650)
by Thomas Bonham (d. 1629-ish)

When that the chill Charocco blows
 And winter tells a heavy tale,
When pies and daws and rooks and crows
Do sit and curse in frost and snows,
  Then give me ale.

Ale in a Saxon rumkin then,
 Such as will make grimalkin prate,
Bids valour burgeon in tall men,
Quickens the poet's wit and pen,
  Despises fate.

Ale, that the absent battle fights,
 And scorns the march of Swedish drum;
Disputes of princes, laws and rights;
What's done and past tells mortal wights,
  And what's to come.

Ale, that the ploughman's heart up keeps
 And equals it to tyrants' thrones;
That wipes the eye that fain would weep,
And lulls in sweet and dainty sleep
  The o'erwearied bones.

Grandchild of Ceres, barley's daughter,
 Wine's emulous neighbour if but stale,
Ennobling all the nymphs of water
And filling each man's mouth with laughter—
  Oh, give me ale!

- Thomas Bonham, “In Praise of Ale”, in Seventeenth Century Lyrics, edited by Norman Ault, London:Longmans, Green and Co., 1950, pp. 48-49.

-- Mon, 20 Dec 2021 00:55 --

View through a window from outside. It is cold and snowy, inside a festive party is going on. The guests are in animal masks and dancing with each other.

Album cover of 'Christmas Dance Party' by Jan Garber and his Orchestra.

Christmas Dance Party by Jan Garber and his Orchestra on

-- Sun, 12 Dec 2021 13:38 --

A page of various weird Cupids.

Bernard de Monfaucon, L' antiquité expliquée et représentée en figures: Les dieux des Grecs & des Romains, Paris, 1722 (source: Heidelberg University Library).

-- Fri, 10 Dec 2021 21:47 --

Luane's World - Le Monde Perdu - Winter, Le Monde Perdu, Second Life.

-- Wed, 08 Dec 2021 21:11 --

Peep show view of a proscenium arch with cutout characters and scenery. Within, two red hands flank the text: 'Crown of John 4779'.

Peep show view of a proscenium arch with cutout characters and scenery. Within, the skeleton of an orangutan wearing a purple toga stands with a person in a blue suit and yellow gloves. The text below them reads: 'Maria Contour always called the cave dry. There he had a cross.'

Peep show view of a proscenium arch with cutout characters and scenery. Within, a mountainous landscape with a city in the foreground. In front of this is a roundel, inside of which is the portrait of a person with a blue starry background. The text below reads: 'Crazy and unwell, throat and nose.'

Peep show view of a proscenium arch with cutout characters and scenery. Within, a forest. To the right are five gibbons, in the centre is come sort of kitchen appliance, to the left is a woman in a grey suit and overcoat standing with an oranguatan skeleton in a purple toga. The text below the scene reads: 'I look from a distance. John plans the plan. The skin is brown and the nose is brown.'

Peep show view of a proscenium arch with cutout characters and scenery. Within, a view through an archway. A woman is undressing in front of a kettle. In the background is a lake and a pine forest. Below, text reads: 'Mary stepped out of the window and thought about it halfway, I was like a cat'

Peep show view of a proscenium arch with cutout characters and scenery. Within, an arabesque arcade in front of a 1950s style kitchen. An oranguatan in a purple toga and a person in a blue suit are meeting with a woman in a grey suit and overcoat. The text below reads: 'They are talking about a special annual celebration.'

-- Wed, 08 Dec 2021 20:14 --

album cover for 'Christmas Brass' by Monterey Brass. Two mirrored santas are playing the trumpet.

Album verso for 'Christmas Brass' by Monterey Brass. Santa is right up in yer face with his trumpet.

Christmas Brass by Monterey Brass on

-- Sun, 31 Oct 2021 01:05 --

Partially coloured sketch of a feminine person in a skull t-shirt, to their right is a large and suspicious black cat.

-- Fri, 29 Oct 2021 18:07 --

Following from my previous post about building a gallery-ish place in Second Life, things are going okay! I think...

I have some paintings on the walls, they are spotlit (with Advanced Lighting!) and there's a nice carpet. For now I have curtained off the back room while I decide what to put in there. There is some seating outside now too, though because the building is squashed right up against the edge of my land (in order to be as close to the road as can be), there isn't very much space out the front.

The painting frames are very simple and I can make them pretty quickly. They are made from primitive shapes--Prims--available to build with in-world, thus I can avoid having to upload 3D meshes from Blender to the grid (with the exception of the green and pink owls in the window).

-- Fri, 29 Oct 2021 13:33 --

A page of back and white illustrations of fanciful garden pagodas and follies.

Belanger's garden fabriques at Bagatelle, in J. Ch. Krafft, Recueil d'architecture civile, contenant les plans, coupes et élévations des châteaux, maisons de campagne, et habitations rurales, jardins anglais, temples, chaumières, kiosques, ponts, etc, situés aux environs de Paris et dans les départemens voisins, Paris: Imprimerie de Crapelet, 1812, plates 119-120.

-- Tue, 26 Oct 2021 14:07 --

A person receives a train ticket.

A train ticket. On it is printed 'SINGLE' from Torte to Rimwood, valid via any route, self service, buffet service maybe available.

A fictional train network map. There are many stations, roughly arrayed around a diamond shape.

Updated train network map.

-- Fri, 22 Oct 2021 14:33 --

A person in a red and green bird mask, holding a disembodied Neo-Classical sculpture head, does a peace sign next to a street sign, printed and shaped as a pirate. The sign reads: 'Ar! Grab a Pirate! Jug! Twenty-four-seven only here on Torte waterfront.'

Grab a PIRATE! jug! 24/7 only here on Torte waterfront.

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