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-- Mon, 30 Jan 2023 16:23 --

Goblin Week 2023 retrospective!

Monday: Still from LITTLE NODULES: PART 2

Still from the animated film I am working on. A goblin baker is being interviewed on TV after opening a new bakery.

Tuesday: A quick goblin

Rough sketch of a hooded goblin in flowery shorts holding a loaf of bread and a goblet.

Wednesday: Goblin-made pizza

Digitally coloured drawing of a goblin wearing a dishevelled apron and Steve Madden Possession Chunky-Soled Mesh and Faux-Leather trainers. They are holding a pizza paddle and a pizza cutter. Behind them is a sign reading: goblin-baked pizza!

Thursday: Two travellers meet, instant squish

Drawing of two goblins meeting on a road leading towards a distant fantasy medieval city. One is a goblin-at-arms, the other a wizard-kinda-thing with a flaming staff. They are expressing love toward each other.

Friday: Warrior-princess goblin?

Drawing of a goblin in half-armour half-princess gown smoking a pipe. They are leaning on a windowsill and looking out over a moonlit landscape.

Saturday: Not technically a goblin? A Cornish knocker

Sketch of a hairy little chonkster, a Cornish knocker, sitting in a cave eating a pasty. They have a candle on their conical hat and hammer about their waist.

Sunday: Messy ice cream goblins, more squish

Drawing, two goblins in an ice cream parlour, presumably. Both are eating ice cream very messily, surrounded by wobbly hearts.

-- Mon, 23 Jan 2023 18:48 --

Update to the Lore Page. Now version 1.1...

Worlds-Within-Worlds have access options which are decided by their creators or current owners (if they changed ownership, like the Ziggurat City), so some are public-domain and are like shops, towns, etc. and some are propreitary and private. They were kinda like this already, but now it's IN THE LORE.

Sub-deities and similar body-less figment-entities now should all universally have inhuman pronouns 'it', hopefully to make it clearer that these aren't characters per se, more like... abstractions?

Some alterations to clarify that the Pear People were (probably) created specifically by learning about hotels from Henry, not by some vaguely magicky stuff Henry was doing or anything.

-- Mon, 23 Jan 2023 16:02 --

Rough sketch of two goat-people-maybe-goat-people. Probably demons actually, the symbolism works better then. But good demons though. Uncoloured save for the left one's dungaree-dress which has a design featuring a snake licking an apple.

-- Thu, 12 Jan 2023 00:56 --

A person reclining, drinking a can of beer. They are wearing one high-heeled shoe and a belted corduroy dress decorated with panels, depicting scenes of skeletons. In the upper panels the skeletons are dancing with the living, in the lower panels the skeletons are feeding the living pizza slices.

Detail of the image above, showing the head.

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