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-- Tue, 21 Feb 2023 19:16 --

Drawing of a dof-wolf-goblin-person wearing spectacles and drawing figures with a quill in a book on a stand. They are wearing no clothes save for earrings, a necklace and a sword strapped to their back. Behind their head is a halo-like visual device, decorated with a pattern of blades and pizzas.

-- Mon, 13 Feb 2023 20:46 --

Update to the Lore Page. Now version 1.3...

Finally, a proper currency!

The impossibility of scarcity has been long established in my film-world lore, but somehow for some reason things are still for sale in places like Mr. Wonderful's restaurants, Gibbon Marts and shopping malls and such. The... loose term... logic behind this has now been dealt with through having cow-boigirl-knight-sisyphuses carrying Beans of Gold up a mountain of hats and squares.

The new glossary entry is available here.

Three roundels, inside each one is a horned and crowned figure in Landsknecht clothing with a cowbell around their neck and holding a sword. Under the roundels are the names 'Sabri', 'Milde' and 'Buffo'.

-- Fri, 10 Feb 2023 00:54 --

Drawing. Figure with goat horns, they are sticking their tongue out, looks like they are making an eck kinda sound.


-- Wed, 08 Feb 2023 21:19 --

Witch maybe in a forest. They are wearing a t-shirt on which is a graphic of Raphael Ambrosius Cousteau and Kim Kitsuragi from Disco Elysium. Kim is lighting Raphael's cigarette, the smoke makes a heart shape, underneath is written, 'Revachol' with the 'v' replaced by a heart. The maybe-witch is carrying a basket, containing witch-hazel and elder bush clippings, a copy of the Scarlet Imprint version of the Grimorium Verum and a lit cigarette. Behind them is a crow drinking a milkshake.

Close up of a t-shirt on which is a graphic of Raphael Ambrosius Cousteau and Kim Kitsuragi from Disco Elysium. Kim is lighting Raphael's cigarette, the smoke makes a heart shape, underneath is written, 'Revachol' with the 'v' replaced by a heart.

Cottagecore witchy Disco Elysium Joan of Arc haircut sandals and socks enby vibe. If that is a vibe...

-- Mon, 06 Feb 2023 23:01 --

Low quality photo of the moon. The colours are weird purples and ultramarine. In the foreground are a couple of creepy trees. The moon is super over-exposed and just kinda looks like a streetlight tbh.

-- Mon, 06 Feb 2023 21:31 --

A page of comic panels. 1: A view of a fantasy city, in the foreground a figure blowing a horn, an insect-person and a banner with the text, 'In the Banquet Witch City'. 2: Detective Halligan, nude, is summoning a wine glass. A masked figure behind them whispers, 'ooh and here's my good friend Halligan.' 3: Halligan is in their apartment, lounging on a sofa and drinking wine. Outside the window is a cityscape at night. 4: A poster reading, 'all new! All you can eat buffet, come and visit us' in melty bubble-script. 5: Halligan floats past a semi-flayed skeleton-figure on their way up a hill. Halligan asks, 'excuse me, Mx Skeleton, may I ask direction?' 6: The skeleton points up the hill towards a stone circle at the summit. Halligan says, 'thank you, that's very kind.'

A page of comic panels. A single large panel showing Detective Halligan approaching the stone circle at the summit of the hill. Underneath are three different cupcakes, banana, cherry and mint.

A page of comic panels. 1-4: Detective Halligan is drinking wine and eating three cupcakes. 5: There are fairies in the stone circle, music comes from them. 6-8: The fairies are revealed to be eating the body of Detective Halligan. One of them says, 'Detective Halligan! It is a great pleasure to meet you at long last!'

A page of comic panels. 1: Halligan raises their wine glass aloft, 'the pleasure's mine.' 2: 'Lord Sinclair,' they say to the fairy, 'now that we've met there's a few questions I'd really like to ask you.' 3: The fairy, Lord Sinclair, replies, 'certainly, certainly... After dinner I will answer any questions you deign to ask me.' 4: They produce a pink crystal, maybe from within Halligan's body, 'until then, please be my guest.' 5: Pure magenta 6-7: Scenes of a cityscape under a blobby pink sun. In the foreground are palm trees along a road and red blobs. There is a fast-food restaurant along the road. 8: Halligan enters the restaurant and approaches Lord Sinclair, who is ordering a burger from a self-service screen, 'you do not seem to be quite aware of the situation you are in, Lord Sinclair.' 9: 'I'm a detective fromthe Banquet Witch City. I don't want to have dinner with you.'

Larger version here.

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