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March, Pisces to Aries by the Tropical Zodiac

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-- Mon, 27 Mar 2023 22:21 --

Continued from In the Banqvet Vvytch Citie part 1, see this post.

A page of comic panels. 1: Detective Halligan has just attempted to apprehend Lord Sinclair, a fairy-creature. Sinclair turns around suddenly, startling Halligan, and says, 'with all due respect, Detective, I took you for a wiser one than that!' 2: 'If anyone is unaware of the situation they are in, you are.' 3: Sinclair kisses Halligan, aww... 4: Sinclair says, 'I have asked you to be my guest at dinner, please don't disappoint me by refusing.' Halligan is very flustered.

A page of comic panels. 1: View of the moon in a very starry night sky. 2: The view pans down toward a mountainous landscape. In the distance, city lights are reflected in a lake. In the foreground an insect-person-drawn carriage is crossing a lamp-lit bridge. 3: The view zooms into toward the carriage. 4: Zoom into the window of the carriage, Halligan looks out, holding a glass of wine.

A page of comic panels. 1: Sinclair's mansion. A ungainly house in Elizabethan style, with a Neo-Classical portico attached tastelessly to the front. The insect-person-drawn carriage has stopped in the driveway. 2: The interior of the mansion, a strange corridor ending in a mouth-shaped archway leading to stairs. A picture of a fried egg is on the wall. Halligan says, 'brilliant, absolutely brilliant.' 3: A insect-person scuttles through a room. Artemisia Gentileschi's self portrait is hanging on the wall above a waiter's trolley. Red fire is visible through a doorway. 4: Halligan is flying-falling, spilling their wine. Illuminated apartment blocks are visible through a window. Halligan continues, 'locked up in Lord Sinclair's house.'

A page of comic panels. 1: Halligan descends a staircase, they wearing a duvet and socks, a red ribbon is around their neck. They are holding a wine glass and smoking a cigarette. Sinclair waits at the base of the stairs, holding a bloodstained sickle. They are also wearing a red ribbon. Sinclair says, 'well, Halligan.' 2: 'I don't think I have introduced you to the members of my club yet.' 3-6: Sinclair points out four standing stones at a round table, each behind a candle, 'this is Commander Myers of the City Militia. Next to them is Heirophant Stevenson. The Earl of S--, one of the Queen's advisors. And sitting beside you is Mx. Smuthers, of the Worldwide Foods Corporation.' 7: Sinclair shows Halligan toward a brightly lit hall, containing many tropical plants and a fountain. The fountain consists of nymph statues surrounding a central pyramidal structure. What is either blood or wine is flowing from the statues' mouths. 'I'm sure you're curious to learn what our club is all about,' says Sinclair. 8: 'But I would suggest you have a bite to eat first. You look pale.'

Larger version here.

-- Sun, 19 Mar 2023 16:38 --

Diagram showing the relation of film-world sub-deities to the hypostatic substances, negative space and each other.

Updated the sub-deities diagram on the Lore page.

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