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-- Sat, 28 Aug 2021 14:42 --

Gracefully unboxing my new spotlights

Today I continue my slow, but yet continually ongoing, efforts to build a gallery-ish place in Second Life. The land I own is along the Route 3 road in Western Heterocera, which is (from the Wiki): “the second [oldest] mainland continent. It has the most advanced transportation systems of all mainland continents. This includes: a vast railway [...], the most complex road system and internal and external waterways. The Geographical features are unique and are composed of [...] plains, coasts, mountains, corals and hills. Heterocera is the most populated continent, with the smallest percent of abandoned land and also the [...] the smallest percent of places to rent.”

Where I am

Where I am has more of a quiet countryside feeling, however. To get to the public transport one must go a ways North-East to Yucca or a great distance South-East to Calleta (the WARR--West Atoll Railroad--is no more), there is a pod tour that passes by up the road every so often, though.

Being on the second oldest continent (where 2005 lives on!), there are a few historical points of interest nearby, such as this lovely Japonesque bridge with delightful shiny green lanterns:

Japonesque bridge linking Tridens and Moma

and this absolutely wonderful Post-Internet-Ottoman-Rococo pagoda/bus shelter thing:


The building I have to house the gallery-ish place is a small one-up-one-down concrete box by Soy. It is awfully nice to have a balcony (I was previously underground), plus the shop window-y ground floor will work well with luck. Most of the buildings around me are Japanese-y looking, so this fits in with the neighbours too (at least I think so...):

The building to house the gallery-ish place

Interior will be good for displaying stuff too (pay no heed to the magical broomstick):

The building to house the gallery-ish place

-- Fri, 27 Aug 2021 10:38 --

Worn medieval fresco of three skeletons.

Stone steps lead up to a small lancet-arched doorway.

-- Mon, 16 Aug 2021 14:26 --

Sketchbook pages. A sticker for 'Penlee House, Gallery and Museum' is stuck in the top left corner. On the left page are sketches of a figure with a bob haircut in a dress, seated and standing. On the right page is a sketch of a woman in Victorian clothing seated at a table, reading a newspaper.

Sketchbook pages. A person leaning on a railing, holding a book and smoking a cigarette. A ballerina from the back. A jug, upon which is written 'Milky Beer'. Hands playing a loot. What could be Pan's head?

-- Fri, 13 Aug 2021 13:17 --

Little Nodules Part 2 WIP still

Little Nodules Part 2 WIP still

-- Thu, 12 Aug 2021 22:39 --

Updated the Lore glossary with diagrams! New and inscrutable!

Diagram of a person

Also the magic system entry is much improved and less mushy, in my opinion. It has taken it's place as a workable science replacement in-world, as per the original intention. Plus, there's inset and outset borders on everything all over the site now, as it should be of course.

-- Wed, 11 Aug 2021 15:15 --

Photograph of the sea. The tide is coming in over barnacled rocks.

-- Mon, 09 Aug 2021 23:52 --

Charles Verlat, The Art Connoisseurs. Two monkeys in 17th century clothes inspect a painting with some seriousness.

Hello world... void... friends! Welcome to the first post! Have a wonderful day!